Lucky you, you run a business that either resides in the great state of Texas, or your branding is in line with the awesome vibe the Lone Star State has going. Either way, if you want the loyal fan base of Texas/Red Dirt music to buy what you are selling, we can help!

What exactly IS "Texas/Red Dirt Music"?

Once upon a time, the great musicians of Texas decided to take their brand of country music out of Nashville and bring it back home. What resulted was a music scene that thrived on live performances and loyal fans.

Since those pioneering days, a culture of the Texas (and "red dirt" a.k.a not from Texas but pretty darn close) scene has resulted in massive music festivals, radio formats, websites, specialty shows, podcasts, and many other media outlets that are perfect for developing a brand that wants to reach a 20-60 year-old demographic of both men and women that live in Texas and Oklahoma.

It doesn't stop there! Texas culture spreads past the state's borders and reaches as far as Europe. 

Reach out to us and we can tell you more about our COST EFFECTIVE strategy of making your company the next big thing on the Texas/Red Dirt music scene.