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Facebook Updates for Musicians

According to Mark Zuckerberg he wants to "fix" Facebook, which to him means getting rid of fake news and the highway billboard clutter. The way he has decided to fix this problem of his is to limit the exposure Facebook pages get and redesign the news feed to feature posts from user's friends and family. AKA your band's page is going to get even LESS exposure than it already is.

While the general reaction from the marketing community is fear and dismay, this isn't the worst thing in the online marketing world and honestly...who didn't see this coming?

So what are you to do with all those followers of yours that signed up to see updates about your music that they aren't going see?

Enter Facebook Messenger marketing and Many Chat. Facebook Messenger marketing is the future for bands when it comes to staying in touch with their fans. The best part about this marketing platform is that it actually encourages personal relationships that produce ENGAGEMENT.

But who has the time to talk to all those music hungry super fans? Well you least you better. If you are stressing at yet another marketing piece of the puzzle, I have good news for you!

Many Chat is a company that enables you to create bots that will interact with your fans over messenger while you get around to personally replying to them. You can create a bot to send them to merch, give them a free download, send them a cool new video link, send them to your Spotify...endless possibilities. The key is that you want your fans to message you on Facebook because then they become "subscribers". You can send out mass broadcasts to subscribers. Think "fan club" on messenger.

You can also segment subscribers by their geographic location so you can let them know when they are playing in your area.

So what's the difference between this and email? The biggest difference is open rates because this platform is so new. Your fans are already on Facebook and they look at their messages...and most importantly get notifications. Email gets lost in the clutter and sent to spam.

O and speaking of spam, make sure you know the rules. Facebook only allows you to send out promotional messages within 24 hours of a fan contacting you. Which means you can't keep broadcasting to buy your album or stream your music. However you CAN send them cool videos and content that you may not be posting anywhere else and encourage them to watch and share. Plus you get feedback from them, great feedback that you can measure.

I encourage bands to start treating their messenger as a fan club. Tell your fans that if they message your page they become a subscriber to your fan club and will be sent cool stuff from you straight to their messenger in boxes. Your geographic segmented subscriber list becomes your street team when you are playing their town. Run contests for meet and greets or guestlist spots....award fans that bring friends. Yes, you can do this on email...but it feels so much more personal when it is coming at text message like spurts of content that they can interact with in real time. Plus you can automate most of it so you are only spending time interacting with fans that are indeed listening!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to us! Happy marketing!

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