The 3 Steps To Building a Facebook Messenger Fan Club

The key to success for Facebook Messenger Marketing is built into Facebook’s policies:

  • Get better at marketing

  • Get better at talking to people

  • And get better at building long-term relationships

With Facebook’s renewed focus on relationship building, if you do Facebook Messenger Marketing right, you’ll stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors—because you’re reaching people where their attention is already focused.

All of these things make for a great fan experience and translates directly to a very old idea for musicians- the fan club.

But to succeed with marketing on Facebook Messenger to your fans, you shouldn’t approach the platform from a marketing perspective alone.

Instead, think of yourself as a social engineer.

You need to return to the basics of good marketing.

If you want people to click on your ads, you need to figure out what they’re struggling with or what they’re trying to make progress on.

Figure out creative ways to engage with them. Focus on your fans and what’s important to them. Try to drive relationships as well as engagement.

How do you do that? By following three core Facebook Messenger Marketing rules.

3 Rules for Using Facebook Messenger the Right Way


Facebook Messenger Marketing Rule #1: Facebook Messenger is NOT Email

Since Messenger was built for sending personal messages (like email was), it’s easy to fall into the trap of using Messenger as you would email.

But nothing could be worse.

For marketers, email is rarely a relationship-building channel. It’s used for outreach, information, and sales.

That’s not what Messenger is for.

The secret to using Facebook Messenger Marketing is to focus on why your fans love your music in the first place. The focus should always be on removing obstacles to people being exposed to your art. It should be about building relationships and trust, not pushing your own agenda.

So, when you’re thinking about Messenger, think about your fans as individual people.

As, BioTrust Nutrition does by reaching out to their audience with a recipe for healthy, protein-packed pancakes in Messenger…

So, ask yourself…

  • What’s going on in your fan’s lives?

  • What are they trying to do?

  • What could you do to give them forward progress?

…and use this as inspiration to craft your messages in Messenger.

The takeaway here is you need to show your fans WHO you are outside of music and attempt to connect with them in those areas (fitness, hunting, cooking, reading, ect.).

Facebook Messenger Marketing Rule #2: Don’t Hack… Listen

The goal of social media marketing isn’t meaningless interaction. Believe it or not, the real goal is data.

In Facebook Messenger Marketing, you want to ask open-ended questions that get people interacting and engaging. Ask questions that inspire long-form answers that give you (in their own language) the hopes, fears, and desires of your best fans.

This is data you can use in all your marketing. It may or may not drive a download/stream/merch-buy today, but it will give you the information you need to write compelling content and sell far more in the future.

So instead of pushing one product like you might in an email promotion, ask questions that give you more information about people’s concerns and goals, then make a personalized recommendation based on the answers they give you, as DigitalMarketer does with Traffic & Conversion Summit…

For example, if you were a songwriter ask, What’s your favorite love song? or Why do you listen to music?

Asking “why” helps you understand the context of their lives, so you can give them a more targeted marketing message.

And it starts with listening.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Rule #3: Avoid Engagement Bait

The challenge is to get people engaged without resorting to engagement bait.

Up to now, you might have created a message that asked a question or made a statement followed by, Comment YES below and we’ll give you a free download.

But that’s considered engagement bait, and Facebook will shut it down.

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