Triple Threat Texas Single Release Service

Radio Promotion - Spotify Promotion- Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube Fan Acquisition in Key Markets

$6000* per single


Sending a single out to radio and hiring a promoter is no longer adequate for career success and moving the needle in the direction you want it to go. In this digital age, you need to incorporate a 3-part strategy to EVERY single release if you want to grow your fan base and brand recognition in the musical world. For these reasons, Blue Lark Entertainment is now offering the “Triple Threat Single” Campaign focused to the Texas Music Market.

What is it?

1. Traditional Radio promotions campaign to the reporters of the Texas Regional Radio Report and the CDX Traction Texas Chart WITH Radio Tour. These campaigns typically last between 12 and 20 weeks, depending on the success of the song with the radio reporters and the artist’s ability to radio tour.

2. Four-Week Spotify Playlist Pitch to our personal collection of non-official Spotify playlists that are proven to want Texas/Red-Dirt/Americana/Independent Country music and have over 1000 followers (most with over 5000 followers). Adds on these playlists will ensure favorable algorithmic activity that will trigger Spotify to consider your single for their popular editorial playlists, resulting in thousands of streams on their platform.

3. Social Media Ad Campaigns that are designed to increase your audience in key radio markets so you can deliver content to the people that are hearing your new single. In addition to these page like campaigns, that build REAL fans, you will also benefit from link click campaigns directed to custom audiences that drive additional Spotify streams and Instagram followers. If a music video is available, paid ads can be added to the package to target potential fans for video views, getting your music video thousands of views on YouTube by real fans.

What will this do for you?

At the end of the 12-20 week campaign you will have more social media followers in the markets you want to play live. You will have more Spotify streams from users in the markets you want to play live. You will have radio airplay in the markets you want to play live. This means that your live shows will be better attended, your merch sales will rise, and your overall brand value with increase.

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*does not include ad buy. Typical ad buy on Facebook and IG is $300/month. YouTube will increase this expense. The client controls the amount spend on advertising platforms.