Package Deals Available

Level 1

Level 1 services are for artists that are at the beginning stages of their career and include products such as EPK and website creation.


Social Media Account Creation

Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Description: Setup and training on artist accounts with a 1 month posting schedule per account. Artist must provide content.


Facebook Messenger Fan Club Chat Bot

Facebook Messenger is the best place for musicians to reach their fans!

Description: We will build your bot for you and train you and your team on how to leverage it to increase your show attendance, merch sales, Spotify streams, and album sales!

$1200 (includes 1 month of management and training)


Platforms include Wix, Square Space, and WordPress
Description: Set up and training on website. Artist must provide content. All websites are user friendly and owner will be able to post content in the future.
Management (if needed) $60/month


Description: Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any artist can move forward with small incremental steps.
$200/2-hour session, includes detailed business strategy with execution steps.


Logo and Merch Design

Blue Lark will supply you with a professional and eye-catching logo and/or merch design by leveraging our network of graphic designers.

$200/design, includes 1 revision. $50 per revision after the first time.


Blue Lark can leverage our extensive network of professional photographers to deliver high-quality and creative photos of your band.

$500 per session (Includes editing)

Live Video

Live video is the single most important factor to a venue talent buyer. Blue Lark can provide you with a professional live video for your booking and promotional needs.

$600 (Houston-Area, Austin-Area, DFW-Area)

Lyric Video

You provide the song and any creative direction/images and we will provide you with a professional lyric video to showcase your song on social media and media outlets! Turn-around time is 2 weeks.


EPK Creation

Every artist needs an Electronic Press Kit. Let us create one that wows industry professional and accurately represents your brand. Integration into website included. Artist must provide content.

$375/Press Kit


Online Store Set-Up

Blue Lark can help you get your albums and merchandise set up to sell online. We use multiple platforms including Shopify, Wix, and more. This service also includes training so you can easily run your own store.

$400 (includes up to 20 items)

Merch Consulting

Not sure where to start? Blue Lark can help you plan out your merch inventory, source a graphic designer, find affordable suppliers, and create an on-site inventory.

$200 One Time Fee



Level 2

Level 2 services are for artists that need a little help in managing their growing careers and want to maximize their potential revenue and exposure.


Social Media Management

Platforms included: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Description: content will be created as well as sent over by client then posted during high-traffic times on each platform to get highest reach and engagement.

Monthly Fee: 7 Posts/Week – $500/month


Creation of Show Events

Platforms include Bands In Town, Facebook, Songkick

Description: provide monthly stock photos, videos, and song links to created events. Will add fans to events and post 3 times leading up to show to promote engagement.

Monthly Fee: $120/month

Monthly Social Media and Advertising Calendar

All Platforms

Description: Creation of a content calendar at the beginning of each month to use to ensure you are keeping up on social media and not missing out on major holidays, events, and deadlines.

Monthly Fee: $45/month

Engagement Management

All Platforms

Description: Blue Lark will closely monitor and respond to all people that reach out on each social media page through comments, messages, and likes. We will also invite all new people to like the page from posts.

Monthly Fee: 0-1000 followers- $300/month

1001+ followers - $20/hr

Organic Increase of Social Media Following

Description: Blue Lark will work your social accounts 5 times a week and follow new people to help grow the pages and find new fans organically. We will also like posts with related hashtags.

Monthly Fee: $360

Social Media Training

Description: Blue Lark will train and discuss a social media plan and strategy with you or your team that is tailored specifically for your career goals and your needs to help grow your brand. We will provide tools and tricks that will help you succeed.

One-Time Fee: $300/2 hours 


Video Advertising

Description: Blue Lark will set up your videos to receive views through Facebook and YouTube advertising with a budget you are comfortable spending.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Description: Blue Lark will set up and monitor/optimize your Facebook ads for you. From promoting shows, posts, leading people to your website, or whatever your goal may be.

$4500 set up fee (2 months) then $800/month maintenance fee. *Does not include ad spend to platform.

E-Commerce Advertising

Description:  Blue Lark will set up and monitor your ads to help sell your merch online.

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Description: Blue Lark will create a custom list of hashtags for events and social media usage to ensure you are getting the right reach in each location you visit

One-Time Fee: $30 per location.

Online Presence Clean-Up/Set-Up

Description: Blue Lark will go through each account and clean up any old posts that are off brand, set up any accounts that are missing and change out all cover photos to reflect a new and clean look. Perfect for album releases!

One-Time Fee: $1000


Description: Blue Lark will write one blog at the beginning of every month that surrounds what you have going on to post on the website to help increase SEO and send out to your email list.

Monthly Fee: $100/month/newsletter


Email List Building

Description: Blue Lark will place lead ads on popular social media websites using a agreed upon budget to obtain email addresses and zip codes for lists to email when you will be in each specific area for shows.


All of our Level 1 branding services can be adjusted to meet any level of artist's needs.

Pre-Order campaigns are essential for album releases. These campaigns include branding across all digital platforms, coordination with distributor for pre-order links and streaming releases, Album EPK creation, social content posting calendar, paid ad management.



Maximizing your sources of revenue can make or break a band's budget. Blue Lark can track monthly streams, downloads, royalties, and show income to make sure no penny is left behind.



Doing taxes as a band or musician can be a headache and most often you miss valuable write offs that can put money in your pocket at the end of the year. Not to mention, doing your taxes correctly will set you up in the future to buy a home or expand your business. Contact us for a free consultation!



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